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Angular 4 — the Butterfly, Not the Cocoon.

Posted on Apr 24th 2017

Metamorphosis doesn’t have to be ugly: forget about Kafka or what a butterfly has to go through before it shows its amazing apparel. Angular 4 has evolved for you and is showing its best colors. “Just how different is it from Angular 2?”, you might wonder. There are … Read More

The Time Has Come to Learn TypeScript.

Posted on Apr 20th 2017

TypeScript or JavaScript?  Now, that is the question!  If TypeScript, a typed superset of JavaScript, compiles down to JavaScript, the obvious query is why have it in the first place.  Another logical inquiry is whether it’s ideal for everyone, how and where it can be used.There are two … Read More

MyEclipse 2017 Stable 1.0 is out!

Posted on Apr 10th 2017

Earlier this year we were really excited about being able to provide you with initial support for Angular 2. Well, now with this release you also get tooling support for Angular 4. Not only that, but we wanted to make sure you were able to update simply to … Read More