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Updating your Angular app to Angular 4

Posted on May 19th 2017

Hopefully at this point you are no longer lost in Angular migration — you’ve either installed the lastest version of Angular or have upgraded to it.  But what if you still have an app that you’d been working on with Angular 2, for instance?  No worries!  It’s a … Read More

Software Delivery Evolving for You!

Posted on May 15th 2017

Getting all the right software packages to the right teams is not your regular pizza delivery! Our Secure Delivery Center (SDC) has been making administrators’ lives easy by allowing them to provide end users with software, manage licenses, software updates, rollouts, and standardization — all from one spot. Located … Read More

CI5, CI5, Open Up! The new software updates are here!

Posted on May 11th 2017

Continuous improvement is Genuitec’s priority — CI5, the 9th release this year, has opened up for you already! We have worked our magic on TypeScript (TS), Angular and Darkest Dark. Take a look at what we’ve come up with!Many secret ingredients have come together to make your TS … Read More