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CodeTogether – Taking Pair Programming Remote.

Posted on Jun 23rd 2017

“Two heads are better than one.”, you might hear often, but, that assumes you can get the right two heads together. Pair programming is not an new practice, and it seems everyone has an opinion as to its costs and effectiveness. At Genuitec, we’ve continually evolved our collaborative … Read More

Create an Ecommerce Dashboard with Angular 4

Posted on Jun 21st 2017

In this Angular 4 tutorial we are going to create a dashboard for an e-commerce store which will highlight key metrics and show top selling products. In the course of this tutorial, we will be using Angular IDE.Let’s get started by firing up our Angular IDE and create … Read More

Genuitec Went Virtual Before It Was Cool!

Posted on Jun 19th 2017

Home is where the… work is? Indeed! More and more companies are choosing the online world, and we are no exception. Why be tied to an office if your job can literally accompany you wherever you go? That is the case for developers who can be working peacefully … Read More

Slack Is Using TypeScript, and You Should Too!

Posted on Jun 14th 2017

Building a desktop application with multiple threads is a challenge not everyone is up to. No problem for TypeScript, though! All the pieces must fit in perfectly to make sure an application doesn’t crash due to even a tiny mistake. For this reason, folks at Slack (and many … Read More