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MyEclipse 2020.9.16 is Here with Quarkus, Docker & OpenShift

Posted on Sep 16th 2020
This release of MyEclipse is so full of new features, we don’t know where to begin! With improved Java 14 support, a new base version of Eclipse (2020-06), Wild Web Developer integration, and "container city" with Quarkus, OpenShift and Docker, this release has all bases covere... Read More

CodeTogether 2.1 is Here with Popular Feature Requests

Posted on Aug 6th 2020
CodeTogether 2.1 adds highlighting for additional languages (Elixir, Dart, and COBOL), the ability to upload files to the host, and the ability to choose which resources can be seen. Also, key fixes included one highly recommended for IntelliJ users that use the Coding Alone mode. Read More