Posted on Jan 13th 2009

As we make our way into 2009, excitement is building at Genuitec on new things to come. These new ventures would not be possible, however, without standing on the shoulders of achievements and innovations in 2008.

Always a highlight for MyEclipse, EclipseCon 2008 delivered both in terms of exposure for the company and providing some good face time with our customers. The Eclipse Foundation proved good sports as we raffled off bobble-head dolls of each member.


Executive Director Mike Milinkovich posing with his bobblehead doll.

Speaking of the Eclipse Foundation, Genuitec was honored this year to become a strategic member within the Foundation. This logical step renews and increases our commitment monetarily and in terms of development hours to all things Eclipse. After all, we're successful if the Eclipse platform is successful. As a strategic member, Genuitec is spearheading the new mobile web dev kit, FireFly, which is part of Device Software Development Platform (DSDP) project (as of this writing the goal is to release with Eclipse 3.5).

A shout-out to the MyEclipse dev team on a successful year. This year saw migration to support of Eclipse Ganymede (3.4), the addition and upgrades to Maven support and REST WebServices for MyEclipse and MyEclipse Blue Edition among many other sizeable undertakings.

Blue has grown substantially over the last year (with more to come in 2009, stay tuned), and you know you're on to something good when you're black-listed, permanently, from your competitor's conference (RSDC). It's unfortunate that we're unable to partner with the RAD folks, but we're still pushing forward with Blue to give WebSphere users the most robust and lightweight IDE possible. Since 2009 promises to be the year of "change," who knows what could happen?

However, this year was not only about product development at Genutiec. We publicly committed to being and staying "green," partnering with to offset our carbon footprint and challenge others in the industry to do the same. The impact, even in the software industry with intangible products, is sizeable, and we want to leave the planet a little greener than we found it for future generations of developers to create technologies that we probably can't even phathom.

Stay tuned here for what's to come in 2009, and we may just tip our hand a bit. It promises to be an exciting year.

Allison, Genuitec, LLC

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