Genuitec's Blog: October, 2009

MobiOne on Frameworks – jQTouch Rising Star

Posted on Oct 15th 2009
In the “Mobile Web Frameworks Multiply Like Rabbits” blog we talked about the proliferation of mobile web frameworks and how competitive they can be to native UI implementations. Over the next few weeks we want to show you some of these frameworks. We begin with the jQTouch framework … Read More

Mobile Web presentation, MobileMonday Dallas PART 3

Posted on Oct 9th 2009
In this clip VP of product development, Wayne Parrott, addresses the MobileMonday Dallas group about the App Store and its successes and drawbacks. He talks about the challenges that companies face when adopting an App Store-only strategy to selling mobile applications.  Following videos will dive deeper into areas … Read More

Time to Buy MyEclipse in Europe?

Posted on Oct 8th 2009
With the decline in the US Dollar over the past few weeks, customers natively paying with Euros will see some big discounts on MyEclipse that they may want to take advantage of. Under current rates, approximate: MyEclipse Standard: €21 MyEclipse Professional: €43 MyEclipse Blue Edition: €107 So, if … Read More

Mobile Web presentation, MobileMonday Dallas PART 2

Posted on Oct 7th 2009
Folks here’s part 2 of a video with Wayne Parrott, VP of product development, discussing smartphones and the rise of Apple’s App Store and what that means for software developers.  As we upload more of this presentation viewers will learn about advancements in the mobile Web and building … Read More
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