Genuitec's Blog: August, 2010

Scaffolding Blueprints for Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Flex+Spring, and GWT+Spring

Posted on Aug 4th 2010
According to feedback from our users, one of the biggest learning curves with MyEclipse for Spring is understanding everything that gets generated.  And, when you consider all of the new scaffolding options (Spring Web Flow, Spring-Flex, GWT, iPhone Web) that are now supported in MyEclipse for Spring 8.6, … Read More

Introducing MyEclipse for Spring 8.6

Posted on Aug 2nd 2010
We are happy to announce the launch the production release of of MyEclipse for Spring 8.6.  This is the second iteration of the joint venture between Skyway Software and Genuitec, which delivers powerful commercial tooling additions to the MyEclipse Pro product.  MyEclipse for Spring is focused on further … Read More
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