Genuitec's Blog: July, 2012

Hot Off The Development Stream: MyEclipse 10.6

Posted on Jul 31st 2012
Released today is MyEclipse 10.6, the latest enhancement to the MyEclipse IDE. We’ve added overall improvements to Hibernate 4.1, and enhanced the editors also we  included better project support for MyEclipse Blue (Blue is for IBM WebSphere developers). Download / Learn More With MyEclipse Blue we’ll continue to … Read More

How to install the Cloud Foundry plugin to MyEclipse

Posted on Jul 16th 2012
This post assumes you already have the Eclipse Marketplace client installed into MyEclipse, if not please go here to learn how. (Note, in several weeks MyEclipse 10.6 will have this feature pre-installed as default). Let’s install Cloud Foundry. From the Help > Eclipse Marketplace menu search for “Cloud … Read More

How to add Eclipse Marketplace plugins to MyEclipse

Posted on Jul 16th 2012
The soon to be released MyEclipse version 10.6 will have the Eclipse Marketplace client pre-installed by default, however before it’s released in several weeks here’s a quick how-to guide on adding Eclipse Marketplace into MyEclipse. Since MyEclipse 10.5 and earlier does not ship with the Eclipse Marketplace Client … Read More
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RT @toddewilliams: Just tried the CodeTogether 2.0 internal daily build. It’s magic! Y’all are gonna love this thing when it ships next wee…

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CodeTogether 2.0 Sneak Peek

We would love to thank all our customers who have been so passionate about CodeTogether and submitted such incredible feedback. We want you to know that we listened! With this many awesome suggestions, we couldn’t decide where to start, so we dec...