Genuitec's Blog: December, 2012

MobiOne Studio 2.3 Milestone-1 Release Notes

Posted on Dec 10th 2012
Anyone can create native and hybrid iOS and Android apps with MobiOne – anyone. Here’s details on a minor update as we march toward MobiOne version 2.3 in early 2013. MobiOne Studio 2.3 Milestone-1 (2.3M1) provides users early adopters access to key new features that will  be available … Read More

“Really simplifies our life.”

Posted on Dec 5th 2012
What are Genuitec customers are saying about Secure Delivery Center (SDC)? But don’t take our word for it,  talk to our users. They’ll tell you how helpful  SDC is for enterprise open source  management (and so much more). Contact us to get the conversation started: or US 214-614-8328 … Read More