Posted on Jul 31st 2009

The largest technology vendors in the world deploy Pulse to reach their developers

Genuitec today announced that its Pulse software delivery system has become widely adopted by the world's largest technology vendors as a means to deliver software internally and to their end-users.

The cause for celebration is that Pulse now enables a quarter of a million software developers to manage, share and deploy proprietary software in a secure environment with unmatched visibility into access and software use.

Pulse Private Label is Genuitec's most advanced delivery software that provides enterprises with a complete software management solution. Pulse Private Label can deliver everything from custom tool stacks with full catalog control to complete end-user application distribution and is scalable from a few team members to over a million. Providing the enterprise with unmatched visibility, IT management has complete control over what software is being used, how it is used, who is using it and how everything is updated and maintained. Pulse allows for customizable corporate branding and messaging as well.

Private Label is being deployed across hundreds of organizations, including some of today's leading networking, ISV, media and travel service organizations. These companies realize that for an almost-free cost, their internal teams and customers can acquire and manage software effectively and easily.

More information on the Pulse product family can be found here: