Posted on Feb 5th 2009

Have a MyEclipse 7.x installation, but want to utilize Eclipse's drop-in functionality? Now you can do it with ease. Just follow these easy steps:

First, we'll launch MyEclipse 7 conveniently from the Start menu.

Once we've launched MyEclipse, we'll head to MyEclipse > Manage MyEclipse Plug-ins...

This will bring up the MyEclipse Dashboard that will allow us to view and manage all of our MyEclipse plug-ins.

You'll see at the top that there is an update available for Pulse Services and Extensions. Pulse technology allows you to manage your MyEclipse plugins, and it's shipped with MyEclipse; you're not adding anything that's going to cost you money or break your environment. Go ahead and hit the install button.

MyEclipse will go ahead and update the Pulse services...

MyEclipse will recommend a restart to apply the changes. We'll restart just to be safe.

Once we restart, we can go back to the Dashboard and see that there are no longer any updates available. Looks like we're ready to roll.

Now, to utilize the drop-in support, we'll go ahead and exit the workbench.

Go into your explorer and visit your drop-ins folder under the MyEclipse directory. In this example, that's Program Files/Genuitec/MyEclipse 7.0/dropins.

You'll see that there's nothing in here currently, as this is the first time you'll be adding a drop-in to your MyEclipse install. The folder is empty by default.

Next go to the zipped plugin you're wanting to drop in, and extract it to the "dropins" folder you just looked at.

After you extract the file, your folder tree should look something like this:

Now, to test that your dropin was successfully added, let's restart MyEclipse 7.

This time, we'll visit Help > About MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench.

Select "Plug-in Details."

Our example drop-in is definitely installed in our list of plug-ins.

And, when we visit our Preferences page, we see that we can now associate this plug-in with the appropriate file types.

You're done! And now that you've updated the Pulse technology in MyEclipse, you can drop in all of your favorites without the fuss.

Jens, Genuitec, LLC

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