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Posted on Mar 3rd 2017

Update: Since this blog was first created, Angular 4 has been released. Watch the following video to discover how easy it is to upgrade an Angular 2 project to Angular 4 using Angular IDE.


Good news for Angular 2 users — Angular 4, a backwards compatible upgrade, is around the corner!  It will offer further improvements without rewriting the entire framework, as was the case with Angular 2 in the switch from the first version (Minar, I.).  The main change has to do with alteration in certain core libraries that calls for a significant modification of the SEMVER version.  Not to worry, though – appropriate deprecation phases will be in place (Meligy).less

Advantages of the new version?  Better tools and much less code — 25% less, to be precise — due to a much better compilation, and transformation of its underlying mechanics.  Now there will be a template compiler which will give feedback on any errors in a template while you are working within your IDE and, again, will generate less code (Krill, P.)  

New versions will be released every six months, but there is no need to worry about breaking changes.  Each new version may simply deprecate APIs from the previous one but not break them.  One version later, though, the original APIs might break down.  In other words, Angular 4 might deprecate APIs from Angular 2, but Angular 5 might break them.  However, developers will have six months to make any necessary adjustments in their codes, thus preventing any possible trouble, since code does need to be rewritten after such a change (Meligy).   

Another imminent modification is the use of Semantic Versioning (SEMVER), thanks to which version numbers will actually start making sense.  A semantic version contains three numbers.  The last number is changed when a bug is fixed, the second one — when a new feature is added, and the first one — when a breaking change occurs.  The advantage?  Not only be able to figure out which update to opt for but also get a tool like NPM to do so automatically (Minar, I).

Therefore, get ready to enjoy a highly improved coding experience with Angular 4 — it is set for release this month!  You are looking into doing less cumbersome coding, using enhanced tools and receiving updates either automatically or by choosing the ones you need.

By the way, if you are wondering what happened to version 3, a decision was made to skip it in order to synchronize the Angular Router version with the rest of Angular — it is running on the 3.x space while the regular one is still at 2.x (Minar, I.).

Angular is also part of our Webclipse plug-in and our MyEclipse IDE.


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