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Debug Internet Explorer Applications in Real Time: MyEclipse 8.0 M2, Get it Now

Posted on Nov 5th 2009
Second milestone release built on top of Eclipse 3.5 also includes native support for WTP projects and enhancements to UML2. We’re pleased to announced the second milestone (M2) release of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 8.0. Our newest release is built to support Eclipse Galileo and delivers the first debugger … Read More

Time to Buy MyEclipse in Europe?

Posted on Oct 8th 2009
With the decline in the US Dollar over the past few weeks, customers natively paying with Euros will see some big discounts on MyEclipse that they may want to take advantage of. Under current rates, approximate: MyEclipse Standard: €21 MyEclipse Professional: €43 MyEclipse Blue Edition: €107 So, if … Read More

Introducing MyEclipse Lite

Posted on Oct 5th 2009
With MyEclipse Lite introduced in 8.0 M1, you have the ability to uninstall functional modules from MyEclipse so you only load the plugins you need. This gives MyEclipse a smaller footprint and removes undesired elements from the UI. MyEclipse 8 has been restructured to be as modular as … Read More
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