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MobiOne: PhoneGap Tools for iPhone 3.0 and Web Application Development

Posted on Aug 26th 2009
Developers can build and test hybrid mobile applications for the iPhone 3.0 with an improved emulation experience Today we ‘re proud to announced the third milestone release (M3) of MobiOne; a new enterprise-class technology that enables development of smart mobile applications using Web standards. The M3 release now … Read More

Sneak Peek: MobiOne 1.0 Milestone 3 to Include PhoneGap Support

Posted on Aug 24th 2009
Update: Development of MobiOne has been discontinued. Read the End of Life Notice for more information. Here’s a quick status update on our MobiOne 1.0 progress… For the past month we’ve beencranking on some cool new features for the milestone-3 release that we believe will help further legitimize … Read More

MyEclipse Has 2-Click Deploy & Run Debugging

Posted on Aug 18th 2009
Did you know MyEclipse has 2-Click Deploy & Run Debugging? A lot of long-time MyEclipse users and new-MyEclipse users are very familiar with the more standard approach of first creating a deployment of their project to their configured application server, then starting up the application server, then opening … Read More

MyEclipse JavaScript Debugging

Posted on Aug 18th 2009
If you’re working in JavaScript read on… How many of you know MyEclipse has a JavaScript Debugger…? Yeah that’s what we thought… We have so many features in MyEclipse that it can be hard to keep track, so we’re going to remind you from time to time. For … Read More
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