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FREE Webinar: Application Development Can Hurt, MyEclipse 7.5 is Your Pain Pill

Posted on Aug 4th 2009
Take control of the entire application development process and enjoy significant savings in both time and money by switching to MyEclipse 7.5. Join Genuitec on Wednesday, August 12 at 11 a.m. US Central Time for a free interactive webinar Do you develop applications but are looking for real … Read More

Configuring MyEclipse Blue Edition to Work With WebSphere 7 and RAD Projects

Posted on Jul 14th 2009
MyEclipse Blue Edition can work seamlessly with your existing WebSphere installations and RAD projects…really! Here’s how you can quickly get started by installing MyEclipse Blue Edition, configuring WebSphere 7 to work with MyEclipse and then pulling in RAD projects to work with… Getting Started First, we’ll assume you’ve … Read More

MyEclipse 7.5 Released: Simple to Build Enterprise Applications with VisualVM Java Profiler and Remote WebSphere Deployment

Posted on Jun 12th 2009
Also included are a unique Visual SQL builder and UML2 for the creation of enterprise applications in an easy to understand MyEclipse dashboard Genuitec today announced the production release of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 7.5 and Blue Edition. The newest release delivers extensive speed upgrades, including a powerful VisualVM … Read More

MyEclipse 7.5 – Sneak Peek

Posted on Jun 8th 2009
The team is hard at work on the MyEclipse 7.5 release just in time for Genuitec’s 8th birthday on June 9. Here are just three of the new tools inside MyEclipse 7.5 that will make your life a little easier. * Visual SQL Query Builder + Build complex … Read More
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