GapDebug 2014 EA3 (released August 15th) pleasantly surprised many users with new features that enable you to install apps directly to your mobile devices. Now instead of firing up iTunes or adb to install your iOS and Android apps respectively, you can just use GapDebug. It’s crazy fast.

If you haven't played with GapDebug yet, you can grab the latest version by clicking the button below. Debug PhoneGapWe are actively working on some new features for an early September release. Here's a quick highlight of what we have in the pipeline:

iOS-8-Logo-2Preliminary iOS 8 Support
Our preliminary tests on iOS 8 betas identified some issues, mainly with the new app installation feature. We are working through these issues as quickly as they are identified. We expect to have GapDebug working well on iOS 8 when it goes live. While the release date of iOS 8 has not been announced, based on past experiences with Apple we anticipate it could be as soon as Sept 12.

Smart Inspector - Continuous Debugging & Automatic Debugging
“Smart Inspector” is an idea based on feedback from GapDebug user, Justin Noel (@calendee). The details are not fully worked out yet but the general idea is that you will be able to identify 1 or more apps for GapDebug to automatically begin debugging when the app is detected.

android-logo-transparent-backgroundImproved Android Support
Late in the E3 development cycle we identified a few issues on the Android platform. For example the auto-reconnect for inspectors is not available yet on Android. We are also fixing a few issues working with the most recent Android emulator and when installing Android apk files that contain whitespace and special chars in their filename.

Other GapDebug News:
Lastly we have submitted a talk proposal for the upcoming PhoneGap Day conference this coming Oct 24 in San Francisco. We'll keep you posted if the article is accepted. Regardless we will soon be sharing more tips and best practices for debugging issues in development and production PhoneGap and Cordova apps.

Share Your GapDebug Experience. 
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Posted on Aug 29th 2014