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Genuitec releases WebKit for SWT

Posted on Mar 3rd 2009
As seen on the Blinki (formerly FireFly) blog, the initial bits of WebKit for SWT are now available. Details are at the Blinki blog, which tracks the progress of the Eclipse Blinki Mobile Dev Kit.

MyEclipse 7.1 Blue Edition Webinar

Posted on Feb 24th 2009
Blue Edition has many exciting new features for WebSphere developers.Please join us to gain valuable insight on how you can save thousands of dollars per developer, per year – all while getting more than the functionality you already have.REGISTER NOW!Thursday, March 5, 200912:00 PM to 01:00 PM Eastern … Read More

Pulse 2.4 is live!

Posted on Feb 5th 2009
We’re proud to announce that the latest version of Pulse, Pulse 2.4, is live and currently available for download.What does this mean for you, the Pulse user? Cool, free stuff, of course!Most notable is the expansion of Pulse Community Edition. Community Edition is still free to all users, … Read More

Adding drop-ins to MyEclipse

Posted on Feb 5th 2009
Have a MyEclipse 7.x installation, but want to utilize Eclipse’s drop-in functionality? Now you can do it with ease. Just follow these easy steps:First, we’ll launch MyEclipse 7 conveniently from the Start menu.Once we’ve launched MyEclipse, we’ll head to MyEclipse > Manage MyEclipse Plug-ins…This will bring up the … Read More

First Chrome WebKit Browser Component for Java

Posted on Jan 21st 2009
Recently, I presented a private demo of a new embeddable Java browser component tentatively named the Chrome Browser for Java (CB4J).To my knowledge, CB4J is the first Java implementation of the open-source C++ Chromium WebKit framework (the foundation of Google’s Chrome Browser). Expected uses of CB4J are in … Read More
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