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Genuitec to Deliver Mobile Web Standards

Posted on Apr 20th 2009
T-minus 5 weeksGenuitec is excited to announce the upcoming availability of mobile Web development technology, which will be available as a stand-alone product as well as incorporated into MyEclipse releases in the future at no charge to subscribers. This is on the heels of the recent release of … Read More

Genuitec’s Pulse and Cisco’s Toolapalooza

Posted on Apr 13th 2009
Genuitec’s Pulse team has been invited to showcase Pulse (of course), Genuitec’s software configuration and distribution tool, at this year’s Cisco ToolaPalooza. Taking place in San Jose from April 22-23, the event brings together internal and external software testing and development tool vendors and professionals.Genuitec will be exhibiting … Read More

Open Source Software – Another Lost Civilization?

Posted on Apr 9th 2009
By: Guest columnist & historian Gregory MunozThe following is a fictitious story/analogy about Open Source in the present and future. Tongue is firmly planted in-cheek, but the discussion is a valid one, as you’ll see…New Colorado Daily MirrorOpen Source Software – Another Lost Civilization?July 15, 2832 :: Nepo … Read More

Are the Tables Turning in the Java Tools Market?

Posted on Mar 30th 2009
I was recently asked by an analyst if releasing and marketing MyEclipse Blue Edition in today’s economy was a good idea… After all, he reasoned, we’re up against the ‘800 pound gorilla’ that is the IBM Websphere platform, and running against virtually no competitors other than IBM’s own … Read More

Install the IDE in One Click. Really.

Posted on Mar 27th 2009
Much ado has been made recently about the release of the new IDE from The IDE, as has been discussed, ‘provides developers with tools to customize, integrate and build cloud computing applications on the platform,’ according to the company’s press release.That’s great news, and congratulations … Read More
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