Posted on Oct 3rd 2013

Today we’re releasing a beautiful upgrade to our Secure Delivery Center Cloud Connect technology; with a beautiful UI, it's designed to kick your Eclipse Java development to the cloud faster while letting you share your custom IDE using social channels like Twitter for usage and verification. You can also opt to create private log-ins in lieu of using your established social accounts.

Download Eclipse today using Cloud Connect, then share with your teammates the profiles you’ve created for faster, cleaner code development.

Once you’ve kicked your Eclipse Java over to the cloud, your setup is saved and you can begin using our beautiful point-and-click usability to share your Eclipse Java IDE and/or plugins; use it on other systems, and get your Eclipse packages on-ramped faster than ever before.

Check out this video to see how Genuitec has engineered the newest, yet simplest method for Eclipse Java development:


Cloud Connect puts the focus squarely on giving Eclipse Java developers simplicity. Now you can download Eclipse (even 4.3.1) from the portal already tailored for your teams instead of having to start from scratch at The updated Cloud Connect portal gives developers the awesome ability to access their Eclipse Java IDE from anywhere, backup established configurations, and share configurations immediately with team members from the cloud.

Discover Synchronization.
With Cloud Connect there’s no more need for pesky team wiki pages or passed-around zip files that you hope have the latest configuration stored on them (what a waste of time, BTW). Cloud Connect ensures you have an instant way to roll-out  tools and updates to your full team. With easy incremental update abilities users can also make the changes they need locally and synchronize them over the cloud to keep their teams on the same page.

Discover Cloud Connect.
Cloud Connect is social tool that lets you earn credits for sharing how you use it. The more you share, the more access you get to the latest in cloud development tools. Learn how you can take advantage of simplicity and ultimate synchronization for your team’s Eclipse development.

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