Posted on Feb 13th 2013

With all the customization options available in Mobile Development programs, it's very easy to get caught up in the over-abundance of options, especially where design is concerned. Our brains have been trained to pile on the toppings whether we like them or not. This "more the merrier" mentality can turn your well-thought out app into a mass of clutter faster than you can state the numerical definition of Pi (that's 3.14159265358979323846 for my non-mathematical friends).

Cluttered apps are not only hard on the eyes, but they're also incredibly challenging to navigate through. It irritates your users, and completely diminishes your app's ability to convey a message to the world. Any chance at ROI is immediately vanquished. The challenge to create an impactful, navigable, eye-catching app while making sure all your bases are covered remains a slippery slope. Drawing the line between too much and too little, too plain and too busy has become an art form.

Lara Strain, a tech writer for Genuitec, with the assistance of our Mobile Development team has put together a great list of Design Styling Tips to ensure your app doesn’t get off track, which I will highlight for you below.  This list highlights the best practices we've seen in designing mobile applications. You can view the full document directly on our site,

Tips for Designing without Deteriorating your App

1) Simplicity makes for easy navigation and clear messaging
2) Colors & Gradients add personality but should always be used in moderation to prevent visual overload
3) Using custom artwork and images provides flair and easy branding opportunity
4) Choose a simple text and stay consistent throughout the design
5) Strengthen branding with unique and sexy splash screens or StartUp images

We hope these tips will shed some light on your design dilemmas and look forward to hearing your thoughts on mobile application design.