Posted on Apr 1st 2014

Happy Tuesday, Developers!

We hope you are having a great start, or ending, to your Tuesday! We are kicking off a truly terrific one as we are fresh out of a company-wide meeting where our executive team has shared a new vision and focus for Genuitec for the coming years.

Genuitec has spent the past decade in the software development sector, thus, we know know what you developers are up against everyday. Hours and hours of coding, editing, testing, debugging and re-coding projects while you're holed up in an office, practically chained to your computer to meet deadlines. Not to mention the complete and utter lack of time to make yourself a healthy meal.

Genuitec is proud to announce a new company focus, Developer Nutrition, along with a new product line. Introducing the Byte Bar from Genuitec - a protein packed meal that gives you the boost of energy and nutrition you need to keep coding through the day and night!
byte_barThe Byte Bar is currently available in 4 scrumptious flavors: Cranberry Almond, Cherry Pomegranate, Dark Chocolate Acai, and Triple Chocolate Chunk.

Every Byte Bar is packed with over 30 essential vitamins and minerals specifically targeted to give you the optimal boost in energy and focus levels when you're knee deep in code.

In addition, our team of scientists have generated the perfect blend of protein to ensure that you are getting a balanced amount of protein to get you through your hardest moments in coding without those horrible dips of energy that leave you in the free-falling into a pit of despair.

We're excited to offer our customers a new way to boost their coding experience!

Click below to order your Byte Bar!