Today we announced the competitive pricing model for our newly-released OneInstall; the first installation Software-as-a-Service solution (iSaaS). OneInstall is a powerful, cross-platform software delivery and installation technology that is used by millions of customers worldwide in select distribution; it is now available to the public for the first time and is priced substantially lower than the competition starting at just $95.

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Watch the Skype video below to learn why you, the software developer, may only need at 15-day, $95 license to send your software to user's desktops:

Compared to competing solutions such as InstallShield and InstallAnywhere, OneInstall is available with a flexible, three-tiered pricing model:

1. For start-ups or small operations that need to get their software to market fast or companies that need to perform “hot fixes” or updates to their deployed software it is just $95 for 15 days of unlimited installer builds. That allows you the ability to white label, or fully customize the installer with corporate branding and many other features to provide exceptional customer experience. It is fully supported by our staff at this price and includes customer analytics of the deployed software. Installers created with this model do not ever expire.

2. The same power (with included support) is available to organizations that conduct frequent software builds and testing for an annual price of $495.

3. For enterprises that do not want to worry about Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), the more traditional, perpetual license (or forever license) is available for $995.

All pricing models include updates, powerful use-case analytics through Genuitec's Pulse platform, and are fully supported.

OneInstall is currently used by select Fortune 100 enterprises that deliver their software to millions of users and internal staff. Genuitec uses OneInstall to deliver both its MyEclipse and MobiOne product lines, where it has proved an unbreakable software delivery mechanism that behaves with a level of intelligence not found in other software distribution offerings.

OneInstall seamlessly creates installer solutions for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Developers can try for OneInstall for free by visiting:

Try it today for your software delivery needs, you'll be happy you did.

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