Posted on Jul 30th 2015

Hello developers of the world!

Genuitec is pleased to announce the release of Webclipse. Webclipse comes loaded with features that are aimed to cover many missing pieces of Eclipse for Web development. At Genuitec, we are a family of programmers from around the world.  Not only do we listen to what our customers want, but we experience first hand what our own team needs in order to make our jobs more efficient.  We are thrilled to make improvements to Eclipse for the sake of all of us in the programming world.

So if the words Java, Java EE, JavaScript & RESTful web services ring any bells, we definitely have something for you...

JavaScript Debugging

js-codeDebugging in a development environment is not so bad, but if debugging JavaScript makes you want to crawl into a ball and cry for hours, let Webclipse wipe those tears away. With Webclipse you can now debug your JavaScript, (x)HTML & JSP files IN Eclipse. 

With Webclipse, Debug JavaScript applications launched from Eclipse that are rendered in the Google Chrome browser. You don’t even need an active debug session! Just set breakpoints from the standard Eclipse and done.

Webclipse plugs into your Eclipse powering it up for Web technologies.  Whether moving seamlessly between Java and JavaScript debugging, inspecting REST web services, or speeding up app server coding.

Ready to debug your JavaScript, JSP, HTML and XHTML files right from within Eclipse? Give it a try!

REST Inspect

unnamed-2The modern web isn’t just about your own creations, it is about using others.  With REST Inspect in Webclipse, you can invoke and inspect all those popular REST services you want to integrate.

Start with a RAML file to speed up your testing, or just hack together your own web service to test.  REST Inspect makes it simple for you to see exactly how those public services behave—making writing your code that much easier.

Develop your own web services?  REST Inspect remembers all the invocations of how you are testing your web service, making it not only easy to try out in testing, but also to SHARE those example invocations with your developers. 

If you work with web services, REST Inspect is a must!

Developer Power-ups

POWERUPS-HRIt isn’t always big things you love in your development environment.  Developer Power-ups in Webclipse provide other add-ons giving you improved functionality.

Take the Minimap for example.  It gives you a nice overhead view of your source code allowing you to quickly jump to that messy function you kept meaning to get back to and tidy up!

At Genuitec, we are excited to bring Webclipse to the Eclipse community.  Join our other early adopters now to begin taking advantage of Webclipse for free today. Simply open up the Eclipse Marketplace, search for Webclipse, and in moments start enjoying a sup’d up development experience!