Posted on Jan 20th 2015

Several months ago Apple announced new requirements for apps submitted to the iTunes App Store. Beginning February 1, 2015, Apple requires new apps to be built with the iOS SDK and include 64-bit support. Following is the actual announcement:


What does this mean for MyEclipse mobile developers?

Local app builds using iOS 8 SDK
If you build your apps locally with the iOS SDK, then you should be good to go if you are using PhoneGap version 3.4 and compiling with the latest XCode 6 IDE. The standard architecture settings are already configured when you add the iOS platform to your project.

Remote app builds using PhoneGap Build
If you use MyEclipse's PhoneGap Build integration to perform your app builds remotely, then you will be pleased with the Adobe announcement on Jan. 18 to build compliant apps by the Feb 1 deadline.


We will continue to monitor the PhoneGap Build service for additional announcements and test for compliance daily as we approach the Feb. 1 deadline. Stay tuned for updates as they happen!