Posted on Jan 20th 2010

Update: Development of MobiOne has been discontinued. Read the End of Life Notice for more information.

New MobiOne Visual Designer allows for drag-n-drop app visualization for marketers and designers

Today we're pleased to announce the milestone six release of MobiOne. The release includes an early version of a new visual mobile user interface (UI) builder known as MobiOne Visual Designer. We're aiming this release at Developers, Artists and Marketing Departments wishing to design iPhone applications for their development teams by simply dragging and dropping the desired features on to the iPhone palette.

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Genuitec's first release of the Visual Designer initially focuses on iPhone UI design and mockup. A future version is already planned to support UI development with HTML generation for iPhone and other popular devices such as Android, RIM Blackberry and Nokia.

Cool features in MobiOne M6:
*Drag-n-Drop UI layout
*Rich UI component palette
*Smart guides and snap alignment
*Export mockups as image

MobiOne M6 also includes support for the popular PhoneGap application development framework for the iPhone, enabling the development of App Store-ready mobile Web and native applications.

Coming Soon in MobiOne 1.0:
*Custom templates
*Generate mobile HTML Web apps and Web site code
*Instant testing in iPhone and Palm Pre emulators
*Maps, Search, Spinners, etc.
*Add your own UI controls
*Design for multiple devices (Android, Blackberry, Nokia)

More information can be found here.

Thanks and let us know what you think!