Posted on May 5th 2015

Update: Development of GapDebug has been discontinued. Read the End of Life Notice for more information.

Hello world!
Here is the recap of the May 5, 2015 Genuitec Twitter Chat about GapDebug!

For today's #GenuitecChat we had
@Wayne_Parrot - Project Manager for @GapDebug

Q1. To start off, how about telling us what @GapDebug is?
-A1 @GapDebug is a crossplatform debugger for #cordova #iOS and #Android applications. It includes app inst & debugging svcs
Brief history of GD (rel 1.0, oct ‘14), updated approx every 6 weeks, free contrib to community

Q2 What’s new with @GapDebug since last #genuitecchat?
-A2 Later today we will rel @GapDebug update w/ new automatic app launching as part of app install process #genuitecchat
 GapDebug’s new automatic app launching + instant debug dramatically streamlines your debugging workflow #genuitecchat
See this 2 min video of @GapDebug app auto launch + instant debug
Let me clarify the new app auto launching will be for #Android only. #iOS support is coming soon.

Q3  Any other news on @GapDebug worth mentioning?
-A3 Yes debugging with @GapDebug recently referenced in 2 new @apachecordova developer books
“Apache Cordova 4 Programming” by @johnwargo  @GapDebug
“Apache Cordova in Action” by @raymondcamden  @GapDebug

Q4 Sent in: What versions of #Chrome does @GapDebug run on? Can I use Canary?
-A4 We test @GapDebug on the most current 3 Chrome vers: production, beta and canary.
Yes @GapDebug runs on #Canary but occasionally things do break living on the cutting edge. YMMV

Q5 Sent in - what technologies is @GapDebug built on? Does it req ios-webkit-debug-proxy? #genuitecchat #ios #webkit #debug
-A5 We considered ios-webkit-debug-proxy but struggled w/ it. We chose to impl our own device commo srvc in #java
@GapDebug is crossplatform desktop app: Eclipse RCP Java for device connect + web frontend runs in #Chrome w/ #websocket io

Q6 Sent in - Will @GapDebug support debugging the new @reactjs #ReactNative & #NativeScript?
-A6 We are closely following these exciting new technologies. So far we have support for Facebook Android #Stethos project
You can learn more about Facebook Android #Stethos project here

Q7 What cool new features can we look for in upcoming @GapDebug releases?
-A7 We are actively working on extending the new app auto-start feature to #iOS similar to #Android. @GapDebug
Beyond that we are investigating @apasella request to watch folders & automatically install updated apps @GapDebug

Q8 To the community - any other questions you'd like to ask us now on @GapDebug? We'll wait a few minutes!
-A8 Well, one thing from us! A new @GapDebug release is dropping in the next couple hours, around 1pm New York

Keep an eye out for the next @GapDebug release, going out in 2 hours. See the latest features at  #genuitecchat
You can download @GapDebug at
@Genuitec. Excellent- Thank you @wayne_parrott for answers Qs about @GapDebug

The next #GenuitecChat is on @Genuitec_SDC on May 19 at 10am New York. Hit us up on any of our accounts with questions out of band. Cheers!