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Rocio Trujillo
Graphic Designer and Social Media enthusiast.
Here is the Twitter chat recap in case you missed it!

Q1. For those new to , what’s the quick elevator pitch
A1. is a free debugger for and applications w/ basic app mgmt supt.
A1. brief history of GD 1.0 released Oct last year, updated approx every 8-10 weeks, free contrib to community
A1. The current release is version 2.1.

Q2. Why is basic app management useful/needed in a debugger?
A2. We found that in addition to debugging, basic app install, launch, uninstall were freq are part of work flow needing supt.
A2 additionally some is needed for quick device reboots, display snapshot & syslog access from a convenient UI

Q3. What mobile frameworks is able to work with?
A3. can debug any hybrid-mobile app and javascript framework on & such as &
A3. additionally @GapDebug is useful for debugging mobile web pages

Q4. Is running well on the latest OS X El Capitan and Windows 10 versions? A4. yes, works equally well on El Capitan & Win 10
A4 one diff on is current still uses Safari 5 Inspector & UI Q5. Any plans to upgrade to the new #WebKit inspector? And if so, when?
A5. Yes, the next @GapDebug update will use the newest #Webkit Inspector w/ new UI. Planning update late this week.

Q6 Excellent! What does the longer term road map look like for ?
A6 We have been discussing this for a while. We have plans to GapDebug and a new mobility mgmt project.
A6 We plan to reimpl GapDebug on and along with a new mobility management platform.
A6 The mv to & node are a big change. We developed a proof of concept using no native code to commo w/ devices.
A6 We will share more details about the move to in the next few days on the@Genuitec site.

Q7 If someone is interested in getting involved with the move to , how can they get in touch with you?
A7 DM me or give a shout out to or We will post more project details online asap.

Thanks . It is going to be an exciting time moving ‘s source into the open!

We’ll see you on our next #GenuitecChat on December 1st
10 am NY, Stay tuned!

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Posted on Nov 18th 2015