Posted on Dec 29th 2011

As we reflect on this past year the word that comes to mind is "strange."  From a business sense it was a good year for Genuitec; we usually have growth years as our business model is sound (we know, shameless plug). But for the tech world at- large, it was a strange year.

From the flip-flopping at HP on its computer business, to Amazon cloud outages, and RIM falling behind, the tablet "wars" that never materialized, IT patent insanity, Netflix imploding,  this pending SOPA legislation... the list goes on and on, but really this year was just odd for some of the big players in tech. Not to mention we lost a beloved visionary in Steve Jobs. Though his son appears to be a smart kid who wants to become an oncologist to fight the type of cancer that consumed his dad - we're behind you kid, 100 percent.

Anyway, not to end the year on a somber note, but here's to hoping that 2012 is a little less strange in the tech world.  :)