Posted on Mar 30th 2009

Do you have a kickin' fiber connection that allows high speed downloads? Cable connection that rocks? Work connection that pulls down movies in 3 minutes (not that you should do that at work)? Then this is for you...

One of the enhancements of the recent Pulse release is the ability to open extra download connections to pull down your stack. You can now specify up to 8 connections to get your goods FAST.

Just right-click in the context menu to go to the 'Preferences' page...

From there you can configure your proxy settings manually. For example, if you need to increase the timeout time. Just as swell, you can configure how many threads Pulse uses to download software. Now it goes to eight connections, for guys like you with super-speedy pipes.

Now, Pulse will be pulling your goods at simultaneous uber-speed, looking something like this, depending on your exact speed and product you're installing.

Happy downloading!