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Managing Eclipse IDEs behind the firewall can be a pain in IT's rear. Why? Well, maybe you want to..

  • Manage IDE update timing more effectively
  • Lock down Eclipse tools
  • Update only from your "private cloud"
  • Run multiple tool versions for different projects
  • Manage multiple IDEs like Eclipse and MyEclipse at once
  • Distribute commercial licenses easily
  • Disallow Internet updates
  • Standardize tools across the company
  • Generate smart installers to take out the guesswork

Some companies do nothing to solve these issues (it's seen as a secondary concern or a problem you "live with"). Others distribute .zip files to try to remove some of the guesswork.

Genuitec has a technology that's coming in about two weeks that will remove the guesswork from the process. Manage Eclipse, MyEclipse or IBM Rational tools behind the firewall and get your developers developing again. It's inexpensive (almost free) and can save your company $600,000 per year. Really.

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