Posted on Oct 12th 2011

Update: Development of MobiOne has been discontinued. Read the End of Life Notice for more information.

Are you having problems downloading and installing the new iOS5? We're seeing loads of folks experiencing this issue both internally, with friends, and out in the social media realm (Twitter is even trending #error3200).

As for as we can tell there are no fixes yet, even Apple's own support is not solving this issue. But, a few tips have emerged that are solving the issue for at least a few users:

  • Unplug all USB devices (except the iPhone cord)
  • Going into airplane mode prior to updating
  • The ol' computer reboot
  • Finally (really), try again several times. It seems some folks are having success on the 5th or 6th effort.

In the mean time, since you're waiting, try out MobiOne today to build iOS-friendly web apps and web sites with drag-n-drop ease. It's free to try - and you're waiting on an iOS update anyway. You have time.