Today, blogger Ben Podgursky, took to the webs to share his findings compiled from research on GitHub, in a demographic report listing 20+ of the most used programming languages along side with the average yearly income for developers using that language. You can read the full blog from Mr. Podgursky here.

The Java programming language nabbed the #3 slot for top earnings, with an average salary coming in at $103,179.39, a solid $15K over the lowest reported language, Puppet. Java landing in the top 3 is no real surprise, if you consider the fact that "Java and ActionScript are used heavily in enterprise software, and enterprise software is certainly known to pay well." Java has for a long time running been one of the most highly used programming languages, due to the level of complexity, flexibility, and amount of support available for it.

For most Java developers, utilizing Java programming within an IDE is of great benefit as it allows you to tap into the Java ecosystem at a higher level, code at a faster pace with an IDE's ability to "auto-complete."

Earlier this year I blogged on the top 10 IT skills for 2013 (read: "We've Got Skills!"), of which, MyEclipse 2013 puts 6 of the listed 10 skills directly into the hands of developers. Combined with this new report of Java being a top earning programming language, I'd say it's about time you gave MyEclipse 2013 a try, wouldn't you?

If you'd like to learn more about how MyEclipse 2013 can help you become a top earning developer, click below to request a demo.

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Posted on Aug 22nd 2013