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SDC Pricing

Number of Users SDC Cost / Year Service Agreement
per year
N / A
25 $2,000
per year
per year
50 $4,000
per year
100 $6,000
per year
per year
500 See Price Sheet
Unlimited $25,000
per year
per year

Refer to the online prices sheet for current pricing & terms and conditions at http://www.genuitec.com/sdc/buy.php.


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Secure Delivery Center

Deliver the Right Tools with Minimal Effort

Delivering software to multiple users in your organization is no minor task. Managing licenses, updates, rollouts, and standardization can be a time-consuming and costly process. Having a system that helps you manage software delivery, updates, and license renewals can save time that otherwise can be spent on more productive task.

SDC facilites software development by providing the right tools at the right time, with minimal effort. Tool enviroment and maintenance is no longer a concern for your engineers - and it’s simplified for administrators.

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