Posted on Jun 26th 2012

Update: Development of MobiOne has been discontinued. Read the End of Life Notice for more information.

Thanks to the folks at Mobile Monday Boston for hosting the 2012 MIT Museum Showcase event last night in Cambridge, Mass.  We learned that 450 people showed up, and it feels like we talked to every person there over the course of 3 hours. We were the last vendor to leave as the line to learn about MobiOne was so long with our marketing team member exhausted after pitch, re-pitch, and pitch again to groups of 5 and 10 people. We met plenty of interested VCs, top level executives from known brands, to cutting edge developers and web designers.

MobiOne display - event coming to a close

All hyperbole aside, MobiOne was a big hit. The most common thing we heard was the visual design element is amazing. Everyone understood it immediately, and when they learned you can create native iOS, popular Android and Web apps all at once, it just blew people away, especially the HTML5 power that it uses. Compared to our competitors, this brings app development to the masses. We also learned that we need to spend more time getting MobiOne into the hands of college computer science departments, maybe it was the MIT students there, either way app development in the classroom can easily be done - and its fun too with MobiOne.

Someone checking out MobiOne waiting to talk to us

Talk about a technical crowd, it's really no surprise considering the venue, but we were surprised by how knowledgeable many of the attendees were about mobile technologies, best practices, and cutting edge tools. To say we learned a few tricks from our friends at MIT is an understatement. We know what we're doing in mobile, but many of the folks we met are computer science wizards working on the future of technology - they liked MobiOne for its elegance and power - but watch out world when you see what's coming down the pipeline from this crowd. We hope to be a part of it!

Trying to capture how busy it was last night - it's hard to pitch and take photos

In short, MobiOne is in the exact right place in terms of technology today and where we have  it planned for tomorrow. And the folks that need us, do find us and are happy with the results. Thanks again to the folks at Mobile Monday Boston, you put on one heck of show!