Our technology break-through for Android, iPhone and iPad app development means anyone can create cross-platform native apps and webapps with the release of MobiOne 2.0 M1. Now with Android support anyone can design an app once and deploy it anywhere on the two most popular mobile platforms – iOS and Android. From creating native iOS apps that are Apple App Store-ready to supporting the most popular Android devices, if you have an idea MobiOne can get you there regardless of your technical skills.

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Users can actually go from concept to a deployed app in minutes using MobiOne's intuitive user interface (UI) Design Center. MobiOne's cloud-based, one-click deployment wizard and its powerful Test Center workbench give customers the most robust app development solution on the market.

According to the digital marketing intelligence firm ComScore, Android and iOS make up 80 percent of the US smartphone market. (Source:http://ht.ly/a3N38)

We believe that everyone should have access to cross-platform development tools that make app development simple, intuitive and fast. For example – and in an industry first - Microsoft Windows users can design and build App Store-ready iOS apps without using a Mac. This means there is no longer the additional, expensive requirements to own a Mac computer or learn Objective-C (Apple's language) in order to design world-class apps that operate natively on iOS devices. Now, add in support for Android development, and there is no excuse for any individual or business not to have a mobile presence today - especially since MobiOne can be used by anyone.

The power plant inside MobiOne is a cloud technology that Genuitec engineered called “App Center,” where app designers can test their native apps and Web apps in a private Genuitec cloud that can be accessed from anywhere. App Center allows for easy testing of apps and webapps over the air or through iTunes. Links to apps can be shared via email or SMS for multiple device testing and previews. That means while creating an app, a designer can share it with his colleagues and friends for testing and feedback before it goes live in one or more marketplaces.

Get MobiOne free for 15 days at: http://genuitec.com/mobione

There's much more to learn about MobiOne, please visit this link for downloads, technical details and how-to information: https://www.genuitec.com/mobile/download.html

Try MobiOne today free for 15 days. MobiOne is $99 per license.

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