Posted on Jul 22nd 2009

Update: Development of MobiOne has been discontinued. Read the End of Life Notice for more information.

Milestone release includes iPhone 3.0 geolocation, HTML 5 local storage and offline capabilities

Genuitec today announced the second milestone release (M2) of MobiOne; a new enterprise-class technology that enables development of mobile applications using Web standards. The M2 release includes the Palm Pre emulator for mobile Web application development and enhanced iPhone 3.0 development with geolocation and HTML 5 offline application caching and storage. Of course, MobiOne still includes the lauded iPhone simulator as well

Download MobiOne M2 here.

Developers will also enjoy new mobile Web site inspector tools that are integrated into MobiOne’s dashboard including debugging, local data and profile searching. Delivered with the simplicity of a single-click install, MobiOne is a technology that utilizes the power of the WebKit browser engine that drives some of today's most popular mobile and standard browsers like Apple's Safari, Google’s Chrome and others. With this browser engine standardized across many smart devices (including the iPhone, Palm Pre and G1/Android), developers can develop rich applications using the common Web languages of HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

This second milestone release of MobiOne is available for Palm Pre and iPhone development only, but will rapidly support other smart-phone devices with an aggressive delivery cycle. Targeted devices include Andriod/G1, Blackberry, and possibly Nokia and other smart devices being developed. MobiOne’s simulator technology delivers the behavior of these smartphone personalities through a customizable emulator.

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