In the "Mobile Web Frameworks Multiply Like Rabbits" blog we talked about the proliferation of mobile web frameworks and how competitive they can be to native UI implementations. Over the next few weeks we want to show you some of these frameworks. We begin with the jQTouch framework , one of the rising stars among frameworks. We have used on a few of our mobile web projects and used it for portions of the MobiOne user interface which is mostly HTML5.

We used MobiOne which makes it super easy to learn and evaluate frameworks such as jQTouch. Here is a short video of MobiOne Developer running the jQTouch demo. Notice that this demo was created on a Windows machine (no Mac, no SDK, no Apple iPhone simulator required).

Some of the take-aways from the demo:

1. Quickly evaluate emerging mobile web frameworks, e.g. jQTouch using MobiOne Developer on Windows
2. Frameworks like jQTouch are first-class applications on iPhone (touch icon, full screen application, startup image) and all of these capabilities are display using MobiOne's iPhone emulator.
3. Mobile Web applications can deliver compelling UIs that take advantage of native iPhone capabilities.

Posted on Oct 15th 2009