Posted on Sep 29th 2009

We're proud to announce that MyEclipse 8.0 M1 is here with Eclipse Galileo, Struts 2 and Eclipse Profiler Support for the Enterprise.

Our newest release is built to support Eclipse Galileo and delivers a powerful Java Profiler that can be used as a standalone tool outside of MyEclipse to profile any Java application, Eclipse plug-in or applet, as well as industry-leading support for the much-requested Struts 2 framework, enabling the development of enterprise-class Java Web applications.

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This release also marks a first in the Java developer-tools space with the inclusion of the MyEclipse Lite technology which will allow developers to remove, add or upgrade just the portions of the IDE they use. We're providing the first large-scale Enterprise IDE to address the “bloated” concerns of developers by allowing them to easily remove or re-add entire feature stacks in the IDE depending on their tooling needs, leading to a trimmed down and optimized development environment.

Our customers will also enjoy support for updated ICEfaces libraries in addition to the newly-added support for Jetty 7 - the popular, lightweight Java HTTP server and servlet container. Further enhancements include notable improvements to UML 2, new support for Sun App Server 9.1 and enhanced redeployment/reloading support for WebLogic, Glassfish and Sun App Server as well.

The production release of MyEclipse 8.0, currently slated for October, is poised to deliver a comprehensive Internet Explorer (IE) JavaScript Debugger (for versions 6 and higher), native WTP Dynamic Web Project and Maven project support.

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