Posted on Oct 19th 2010
On October 11th, MyEclipse for Spring released version 8.6.1 which contains the set of significant improvements described in this blog.
Please visit the MyEclipse for Spring informational site, educational materials and youtube channel for more information.

STS Support
Skyway and Genuitec are extremely excited to announce a new set of options for Spring developers.  First and foremost, October 11th marked the launch a new version of our Spring development accelerators -- MyEclipse for Spring: STS Edition. Developers who are currently using SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) to build their Spring-powered enterprise applications now have the option of installing the core MyEclipse for Spring capabilities directly into STS as a value-added plug-in.  Read more.

Google App Engine Support (early access)
MyEclipse for Spring 8.6.1 is rolling out an early access capability for users to quickly scaffold applications for Google App Engine, streamlining deployment to the Google Cloud. Using the power of MyEclipse for Spring scaffolding, you can use existing Java Beans, JPA Entities or database tables and generate fully-functional Spring applications that are built to run on Google App Engine.  MyEclipse for Spring tailors and optimizes the generated code and configurations so the application is ready to deploy.  Learn more. See the 5min VIDEO.

Customizable Code Generation (early access)
Customizable Code Generation provides a mechanism for users to customize any of the artifacts that are generated as part of scaffolding or artifact generation. Developers and architects can now incorporate their own development standards into the generation templates so that scaffolded GWT, Flex, iPhone, Spring MVC or Spring Web Flow applications adhere to custom requirements or corporate standards.  Learn more. See the 5min Customizable Generation video.

Enhanced Maven Support
Enhanced Maven Support includes providing the most optimal pom file and ensuring support of the most common spring web maven projects in both MyEclipse and STS.  This enhancement is a direct result from our interactions with our MyEclipse customers that use Maven. Thanks again!

Flex 4.0 Support
We’ve added a new option for scaffolding an Adobe Flex front-end.  The new default generates Flex 4.0 mxml and includes the Flex 4.0 open-source compiler.  We kept Flex 3.5 as an option due to the large stylistic and mxml differences in Flex 4.0.  Check out the updated Flex tutorial.

Lot of issues resolved
A release wouldn’t be a release without adding fixes to bugs and adding a handful of small improvements.  Please keep those forum posts coming if you have an idea or run into an issue!

How do I get it?

MyEclipse for Spring comes with a free 30 day trial.  Download it at the downloads page.  STS users, follow the appropriate link under the MyEclipse for Spring STS Edition based on the version of STS you are using.

Limited Offer: MyEclipse for Spring is now $99!
To celebrate the release of MyEclipse for Spring: STS Edition, Genuitec and Skyway are proud to offer MyEclipse for Spring at the special price of only $99/year.  This limited-time pricing is available for both the traditional MyEclipse for Spring IDE solution (Enterprise Edition) and the new MyEclipse for Spring: STS Edition. This means that existing MyEclipse Pro users can now upgrade to MyEclipse for Spring for about $35. Your actual subscription date doesn't matter - you can take advantage now! Contact subscriptions or visit the MyEclipse online store today to take advantage of this special offer.
Enjoy 8.6.1!