Genuitec and Skyway Software are happy to announce the availability of MyEclipse for Spring (ME4S) 10 and MyEclipse Bling 10.


MyEclipse for Spring is the world's easiest way to start a Java/Spring project.  Why write volumes of code that can be easily generated right from your own data model?  The code and configuration files generated by the ME4S and Bling scaffolding features illustrate best practices including:

  • Dependency Injection
  • Annotations
  • Object Relational Mapping (ORM) using Hibernate
  • Annotation based transaction management
  • Convention over Configuration

... and the best part is that the code generated is 100 percent Java with no runtime dependency on the tooling. Generate your code, then modify it till the cows come home and deploy it wherever you want using an exported war or the simple to use, built-in server connectors.

Is your project using Websphere? Give MyEclipse Bling a whirl and scaffold a ready-to-run Spring MVC application then use the built-in Websphere server connectors in MyEclipse Bling that streamline your Websphere development. Don't settle for bloated development tools that make life difficult. You deserve to use great development tools that don't get in the way.

This version of MyEclipse for Spring and MyEclipse Bling include all functionality of MyEclipse Professional 10 and MyEclipse Blue 10 respectively along with a few quality improvements.   Like Professional and Blue, ME4S and Bling 10 are built against Eclipse Indigo (3.7) so you'll get all of the improvements that Eclipse 3.7 has to offer.

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Posted on Nov 17th 2011