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MyEclipse Pro Add In MyEclipse For Spring

Posted on May 12th 2010

MyEclipse Pro users are saying they want to evaluate MyEclipse for Spring 8.5 with existing installations of MyEclipse Pro. In response to this feedback we’ve enabled a new add-on option for adding MyEclipse for Spring plug-ins to MyEclipse Pro 8.5.

Some MyEclipse Pro 8.5 users have also reported licensing issues with evaluating MyEclipse for Spring 8.5. If you have licensing issues running separate instances of MyEclipse Pro 8.5 and MyEclipse for Spring 8.5 side-by-side, then we strongly suggest that you use the new add-on option.

The add-on option is available from the Dashboard tab of the Software and Workspace Center in MyEclipse Pro. (See the below screenshot). By default the “MyEclipse for Spring” option is disabled, if you check this option and click the “Apply Change” button, the MyEclipse for Spring plug-ins will be installed.

Enjoy, and give us your feedback on the forums, here.

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