Posted on Nov 12th 2012

We're pleased to announce our popular Pulse Managed Team Edition has come down in price – for a limited time - to meet the demands of the thousands of enterprise and small business developers who use it for development tool customization and team synchronization.

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Pulse Managed Team Edition is a premium service that allows developers and teams to profile and share open source development tool stacks with the power of tool customization and team synchronization.

What does that mean? It means developers will get projects done on-schedule and without major bugs because all teams are using the correct tools, version numbers and plugins required by the project leader.

Until January 15, 2013, Pulse Managed Team Edition users will garner a big savings by purchasing the product now for your  development teams; it's true we’re proud of our Pulse family and its global adoption, so we’re lowering the barrier to entry by practically giving it away at under ten dollars per seat.

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For even greater enterprise concerns, such as easy software delivery, team management and tool archiving, many enterprises are using the Pulse family's 'Secure Delivery Center’ (SDC). SDC is used by household named organizations for its unique ability to solve open source issues in a private cloud – learn more about SDC to see if it fixes the unique needs of open source adoption in your enterprise:

Try Pulse Managed Team Edition today for $9.95: