Posted on Nov 4th 2014

Update: Development of GapDebug has been discontinued. Read the End of Life Notice for more information.

phonegapWayne Parrott is back from Adobe’s PhoneGap Day and shining with a post-conference glow! This single day event was filled with awesome conversations and emerging PhoneGap technologies. 

While still on the rise, PhoneGap Day is sure to continue growing over the coming years. Already, PhoneGap Day is proving itself to be the prime spot for hearing from the biggest players in PhoneGap. (I mean, we WERE there, so I guess that’s obvious). Attendees had an opportunity to hear directly from Adobe, Google, Amazon, Intel, us,  and from the makers of the hot Iconic framework. Overall, it was very exciting and we look forward to watching the PhoneGap community grow and take shape.

Debug phonegapNow it’s time for the not-so-shameless-because-it-is-our-blog plug. After a very warm welcome from Brian LeRoux at Adobe, Wayne had the opportunity to introduce Genuitec’s GapDebug tool to attendees. Now in a general availability release, GapDebug brings simple cross-platform mobile debugging to PhoneGap and Apache Cordova apps. This free tool gives mobile developers the power to quickly plug in and start debugging. With GapDebug, you can bypass lengthy installation processes that keep you away from coding.

You can learn more about GapDebug’s general availability release in this eWEEK story. Or you can get straight to debugging, by downloading GapDebug today.

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