Your favorite little debugger is heading to beautiful San Francisco, California! This Thursday and Friday, Wayne Parrott will be joining the speaker panel at PhoneGap Day USA.  

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PhoneGap Day is the place to be for the latest news and breakthroughs in, you guessed it, PhoneGap. From your basic intro on PhoneGap all the way into deep-dives on building complex apps, PhoneGap Day has a little bit of awesomeness for everyone. 

Presenting right after Google, Wayne will be taking attendees through a session on the power of GapDebug.  He’ll introduce viewers to best practices and popular debugging tools for PhoneGap applications including GapDebug, while demoing the software.  

Wayne’s session will be on Friday, October 24, at 4:30 pm.

For a full listing of speakers and topics, visit here

We hope to see you at PhoneGap Day!

About Wayne:

As one of the founding partners at Genuitec, Wayne reigns supreme as the “maker” and VP of product innovation. Wayne loves to tinker with technologies, and is the driving force behind mobile and cloud development at Genuitec. Though a tall as a giant, he’s a kid at heart who loves cruising the skies with his AR Drone.

TW-icon @wayne_parrott

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Posted on Oct 23rd 2014