Spring…a time for new beginnings. And this spring, our busy worker bees here at Genuitec are preparing to bring you the best lightweight IDE for modern full stack development. Take a look at what’s coming your way.

  • Numerous tools designed to help you code smarter, faster and cleaner
  • An uncluttered IDE, simple to use without skimping on must-haves
  • The ideal technologies for both frontend and backend development

 You won’t find a better full stack IDE for the price and it’s free to try for 30 days!

The best lightweight IDE for the modern full stack developer

Amplify your coding

Sure you can use a basic editor to write your code, but why would you? CodeFully lives up to its name by providing everything a developer expects in a modern development environment.

Code Smarter

It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

  • Code Completion—An intelligent and robust engine performs impressively across different file types.
  • Code Intelligence—Fast and accurate validation at the editor and across your project, plus quick fixes.
  • Syntax Highlighting—Unique coloring based on semantics improves the overall coding experience.
  • Also included—Reliable rename refactoring, call and type hierarchies, open declarations, and more.

Code Faster

Stop wasting time, we can help.

  • Wizards—From project setup to code creation, step through wizards and let CodeFully do the work for you.
  • Deploy to Servers—Launch servers directly from CodeFully, whether testing Java EE apps or Angular apps. 
  • Smooth Navigation—Access code in a flash with Minimap, Breadcrumbs, Project Explorer+ and Outline view.
  • CodeLive—Bridge the IDE/Browser divide: jump from the page to the source, visualize code and debug to Chrome from the Editor.

      Code Cleaner

      Quality code, the end goal.

      • Quality Checking—From linters to rapid large project validation, CodeFully helps you catch errors early.
      • Robust Debugging—Integrated debugging from Java to TypeScript and Angular keeps your code running smoothly.
      • Get Answers—Whether you get a little help by sharing code via Slack, use DevSearch to research an issue, or visit our support forums, we help you get answers quickly.

      Get Rid of the Noise

      Overwhelmed by busy IDEs that try to include every technology out there? CodeFully is the perfect lightweight IDE, with just the right tools needed for modern full stack development.

      • Fresh—An intuitive modern user interface for an enjoyable experience and easy startup.
      • Light—All the tools you need without the bloat for a smaller install and more responsive IDE.
      • Smart—A workbench that doesn’t get in the way so you can stay focused on what matters.

        Unleash the Full Stack

          • The Right Stuff—While lightweight, CodeFully still has everything needed to develop complex applications. We include the latest versions of the most popular technologies. 
          • Frontend Development—Use Angular & TypeScript to create a dynamic frontend using object oriented development. If you prefer to use Spring or JSF, no problem—we do Java EE well! 
          • Backend Development—Creating impressive backends with powerful technologies including Node, Spring, Java EE, Maven and database tooling.