Posted on Jul 16th 2014

blog-StarWars1Running the Galactic Empire is a challenge. Capturing and managing teams of Rebel developers who want to play with rogue plug-ins and tools is harder than it sounds. Let's not even talk about those pesky Jedi who like to butt-in with their own software versions and talk of a better Federation.

That's why you need Genuitec's Secure Delivery Center (SDC). SDC 2014 makes it easy to tame the rebel alliance and find the force within.  In fact, 42 planetary enterprises have found the force in SDC just this week!

Right now, you too can join the dark side and get free access to the Empire! Click the button below to seize SDC for your Stormtroopers to enforce development processes on the rebels  and save with this multi-thousand dollar offer.get-sdc2-button

SDCLogo-Large-2With SDC the full Empire will always have the right tools, every time. You always have the latest updates and tools for plans of attack against the Senate. No more rogue plug-ins and tool versions - SDC means instant synchronization. Our SDC customers are always back to world domination on day one, thanks to hassle free setup and delivery of packages to teams. That's why we've seen 42 planetary enterprises take advantage of free SDC in the first week of the promotion.

Your free access to the Empire ends on Friday, July 25th.