Posted on Feb 5th 2009

We're proud to announce that the latest version of Pulse, Pulse 2.4, is live and currently available for download.

What does this mean for you, the Pulse user? Cool, free stuff, of course!

Most notable is the expansion of Pulse Community Edition. Community Edition is still free to all users, and now, you have access to the entire Pulse catalog of plugins. You can even add your own plugins to work from behind your firewall.

Pulse Community Edition now has these enhancements:

  • Fully customizable tool stacks made from the catalog, update sites, drop-ins or any combination
  • Manage multiple complete environments: tool profiles, preference settings, and workspace configurations
  • Ease of replication: users can install their complete environment on multiple machines just by running the profile; even across OS environments
  • Full access to every item in the Pulse catalog
  • Configuration simplification: No more "managed update sites" versus "local update sites"
  • Update sites may be configured with the Pulse Explorer or within the running profile itself
  • Enhanced proxy support: huge improvements to work seamlessly with all common (and many not-so-common) proxy configurations
  • Still completely free of charge

Pulse Freelance Team Edition is another enhancement to the Pule product family in Pulse 2.4. Tailored specifically for team use, Team Edition allows users to share their customized toolstacks with teammates and friends.

  • Freelance Team Edition changes and enhancements include:
    • All the improvements in Pulse Community Edition
    • Full environment sharing so you can easily manage team configurations or add new developers quickly
    • Workspace and preference standardization
    • Assigning read/write across teams to modify tool profiles
    • More collaboration features coming: we'll be adding additional collaboration features for team use after the 2.4 release
    • Pricing remains unchanged at $60/year or $6/month per developer

    Try Pulse today!

    Allison, Genuitec, LLC 

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