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Pulse 2.5: Eclipse Galileo Tailored for Enterprise Distribution

Posted on Jul 20th 2009

The only cloud computing software delivery platform that delivers 64-bit Mac Cocoa for Eclipse

Genuitec announced today the immediate availability of Pulse 2.5,  the release includes Eclipse Galileo (3.5) support, intelligent algorithms for optimal download speeds and greater control of the entire Eclipse software catalog. Enterprises will enjoy the ability to manage and share proprietary software among users with expanded support for varying architectures.

Pulse 2.5 is currently available for download here.

Free for individual users, Pulse 2.5 boasts the most flexible Eclipse software profiles on the market – managing Eclipse even behind corporate firewalls (including in-house tooling). For software teams and enterprises, Pulse now has better compatibility within corporate network infrastructure. Using the new Communications Wizard, IT managers can help developers install all necessary Eclipse and corporate propriety software in a secure environment.

Greatly enhanced Pulse 2.5 capabilities are:

  • Accepts proprietary software into catalog for secure sharing
  • Includes entire Eclipse 3.5 Galileo catalog
  • Unique support for Apple’s 64-bit Cocoa
  • Speed upgrades
  • Greater control of software profiles and stacks
  • New download dashboard to pause, resume and re-route incoming software
  • User profile data lives in the Cloud for use anywhere on any machine and OS
  • Fully customizable tool stacks made from the catalog, update sites, drop-ins or any combination
  • Configuration simplification: No more “managed update sites” versus “local update sites”
  • Enhanced proxy support: huge improvements to work seamlessly with all common (and many not-so-common) proxy configurations
  • Still completely free of charge for individuals

More information on the Pulse product family may be found here:

Pricing & Availability

Pulse 2.5 Community Edition is a free service, where Pulse 2.5 Freelance Team Edition is a value-add service allowing users to share their profiles and environment settings priced at $6 per month per user or $60/year, and is available for a free 30-day trial.

Pulse Private Label allows for total control and visibility of software access and distribution; pricing is based on individual requirements. Please contact Genuitec at: Or call: 1 888-267-4176

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