Posted on Aug 27th 2009

We’re excited to announce Pulse 2.5 with enhanced security features that allow IT managers and software developers to set parameters around the operation of their software to prevent code theft. The release also provides managers with real time software intelligence to prevent hacking, thereby protecting intellectual property and possible vulnerabilities.

Pulse also boasts an advanced security feature called “Hacker Awareness,” a setting which allows deployed software to shut itself down when being tampered with or deployed alongside non-sanctioned software. This feature notifies IT managers of the tampering attempt when connected to the central servers. Using this feature, a manager can quickly remove software off the offender’s desktop – thereby protecting their IP – and also gather valuable information about the perceived criminal activity for potential legal action.

For example, if something on an end-user’s environment appears to be impacting software performance or if the software is being inspected through unofficial channels; Pulse will alert you to this behavior and the company can decide to either communicate directly with the suspect user or simply take the proactive step to completely remove it from the desktop.

Let us know what you think!

Pulse tailored to your company

Pulse tailored to your company