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Genuitec is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Pulse 3.0 – the unbreakable, cross-enterprise life cycle management platform. Pulse gives global corporations a less expensive but powerful solution for smarter software delivery across teams, and individuals the easiest way to locate, manage and maintain their software tool stacks.

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This long-awaited release includes our innovative, interactive dashboard that allows software developers, system engineers and architects to easily synchronize the entire process of software creation, management and delivery to end-users.

Users will enjoy many new enhancements including using the invitations feature to invite friends and colleagues to Pulse so that you can share your custom software profiles.

The user interface is sexy now as well; Pulse has been re-tailored to provide an even more intuitive, but powerful environment. Now you can manage your tools, sharing, add-ons and more from directly within your installed tool stack.

Check out the Pulse 3.0 unified dashboard, it incorporates more control without the clutter. You will see your  software, workspaces, team changes, pending events and more from the easy user interface. We love it, and you will too.

Are you a control freak? No matter, as you now have an enhanced ability to manage your software updates and allow your team to makes changes to the profile, but you retain control over what updates happen when.

Go TEAM! (Yeah, we're sports fans too)  Pulse now has a dedicated collaboration console where you can take control of your team environments. You see more, control more, do more and  keep it all personal, or share everything. We've made it easy as pie.

Oh yeah, there's more. The Pulse development team has been hard at work to make Pulse what you always hoped it would be. In this release no detail has gone unnoticed, so if it's been a while, you really should give Pulse 3.0 a look.

Cheers and as always let us know what you think about our software.

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