Posted on May 8th 2009

New updates, usability and stability enhancements and much more in the recent release of Pulse 2.4.2.

Now, for the technical stuff. What are you getting with this release? This cool stuff:

•Update Site Usage Improvement

Pulse now uses the open version range allowing Pulse to resolve the overall best plan for the user rather than the latest version on an update site.

•Disk Space Enforcement

Ensures that the user can not proceed if there is insufficient disk space on the target system at install.

•Pulse Explorer Metadata Refresh Fix

The Pulse Explorer, if running for a long time, would not always refresh metadata on a Run. The Explorer now always checks the meta cache for update site meta before proceeding.

•VM Arguments Fix

Pulse has been enhanced to better understand (-)vm arguments to correctly handle escaping and tracking. When the (-)vm argument is removed, Pulse also correctly cleans up the ini file as appropriate.

•Explorer Tree Context Menu Improvements

•Isolated Pulse Communications

Separated Pulse communications from Eclipse communications. Example: you will be able to set up Subversive without a proxy - even if Pulse requires one.

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