Posted on Sep 15th 2008

We're pleased announce today the immediate availability of Pulse “Private Label,” a new product designed to give corporations complete control over their internal and external software distribution.

Until now, customers have used Pulse to manage and standardize software development tools. Now, Private Label allows corporations to use Pulse technologies to manage full enterprise software delivery internally or externally, allowing companies to standardize software within their corporation or deliver their software solutions to customers with ease.

Private Label is completely tailorable to customer specifications and can be hosted either by Genuitec or within a corporate firewall to easily integrate with existing infrastructure. Additionally, customers have complete control over the number of software catalogs as well as their content, which enables maximum customization of the end-user experience. Other features include full custom branding and messaging, reporting of software usage and control over the ability for end-users to customize their software profiles, if desired.

“Up to this point, Pulse has been focused on the delivery and management of development tools, specifically in the Eclipse space,” said Todd Williams, vice president of technology for Genuitec in a press statement. “With Private Label, we're proud to signal that Pulse is branching into software application delivery for any product or application suite that is based on Eclipse at any level. Going forward, we will be expanding Private Label further into a full life-cycle management system for all software concerns beyond Eclipse as well.”

Download Community Edition or Freelance.

Contact the Pulse team about Private Label.

Learn more about the Pulse family of products.

Allison, Genuitec, LLC 

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