Posted on Nov 13th 2008

Pulse launched in November of 2007, and one year later it has morphed from a brainchild into a powerhouse of possibility and productivity for users. Pulse continues to save individuals and teams from hours and days of wasted time merely getting themselves set up with appropriate tool stacks. Most recently, Pulse became a product family that comprehensively solves software installation and distribution complications from the micro to the macro level (feature matrix below).

Pulse Community Edition
Community Edition is a free service provided by Pulse intended for individual use. This free version is feature-complete, so users can maximize their Eclipse experience. Users have access to an extensive catalog of Eclipse-based plugins, both commercial and free software, and can configure as many individual profiles as they need. The best part is, once your profile is created within Pulse, you can use it anywhere. Pulse profiles are not local to one machine or even one OS; create your profile on a Mac at work, use it on your PC at home.

Pulse Freelance
Pulse Freelance is designed specifically for development teams and corporations that want to standardize and simplify their Eclipse tools stacks. Many users need to be able to not only create a customized tool suite locally, but they also needed to share it with their teams. Enter: Pulse Freelance. Freelance is a  premium, value-added service offering that can take the Community Edition to the team level for $60/user/year. It allows users to share their tools stack profiles, standardize workspaces and preferences across teams, publicize profiles, and more. It's perfect for small/medium development teams.

So, now when "the new guy" joins your team at work, (or maybe he's just "that guy." The one who always uses different tools from the rest of the team and breaks the build as a result.) a team lead can, with one click, instantly share the sanctioned tool suite with him and forgo the hours or days of setup and corresponding debug sessions.

Pulse Private Label
Pulse Private Label is an enterprise-level solution that allows companies to not only deliver software tools and have full catalog control, but also the ability to deliver any software- including their own products internally or externally. Pricing is set on a case-by-case basis and Private Label has the ability to be individually tailored depending on a company's needs.

Pulse has come a long way from merely expediting the process of software tool setup, and we owe it all to our users. Our goal is that, on which ever level of Pulse you choose, that your workday, your teams and your companies are more effective and efficient because of Pulse.

Allison, Genuitec, LLC 

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