Posted on Sep 13th 2010

Update: Development of MobiOne has been discontinued. Read the End of Life Notice for more information.

Genuitec's Pulse team gets a lot of questions, but one of the most common is:

"I built an Eclipse-based application but what are the best practices to ship it my customers?"

This is an area where Genuitec excels - we have shipped our MyEclipse IDE to over 11 million customers worldwide, while MobiOne, our iPhone and Mobile Web development tool suite, has seen an astonishing 150,000 downloads in less than one year. And Genuitec's Pulse ALM and Eclipse management solution just passed 1 million users last week.

So how do we do it?

Join us on Wednesday, September 15 at 12:00pm EDT (UTC -5) for a free webinar about the best practices for Eclipse-based software delivery.

This is not a sales presentation, but rather a technical exploration and anecdotal review of the best methods to both deliver and update Eclipse software on the user's desktop.

Register here:

Hope to see you there!

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